MDA Workbench.

Master Data Aficionado Workbench is a free and powerful tool for transforming SAP functional knowledge into functional and technical deliverables for data migration, interface mapping, or generally working with data in SAP S/4HANA or ECC 6.0.

If you create mapping documents for SAP data migration or interfaces ... then you need MDA Workbench.

If you use Legacy System Migration Workbench ... then you're working too hard! You need MDA Workbench.

If you work with SAP Master Data and Configuration ... then you're likely to find MDA Workbench to be a handy addition to your toolkit.

MDA Workbench is a productivity booster.

Its main purpose is enabling SAP data migration and mass updates by creating LSMW projects, ready to import into an SAP system. But MDA Workbench is incredibly useful for more general tasks, such as creating beautiful mapping documents as Excel workbooks or extracting data from an SAP system-client for analysis.

MDA Workbench process touchpoints

MDA Workbench data migration process touchpoints.

Simple Steps

Whether for general mapping, working with data, or creating a full set of data migration deliverables, the single most important advantage of using MDA Workbench is simplicity.

Watch this end-to-end example video to see how MDA Workbench brings visibility and context to every data migration touchpoint.

Publish Deliverables With One Click

MDA Workbench enables repeatable, consistent, and accurate production of functional and technical deliverables. Simply click a Publish button to create this kit of files:

  1. Beautiful mapping workbook with details and sample data.
  2. LSMW Project file; ready to import into the target SAP system-client.
  3. Backup of Mapping Project.
  4. Backup of Sample Data as Load-Ready Files.
  5. SQL scripts to create database tables in a Staging Database.

Data migration is an iterative process, and this is where MDA Workbench really shines. Simply add a field or otherwise adjust the mapping in MDA Workbench to accommodate changes, then click the Publish button again. The updated and always-in-sync deliverables are created again and ready for unit test.

Transfer Data to SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit Staging Tables

If you're not using SAP Data Services in your data migration landscape, then MDA Workbench enables important process steps in support of SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit and other Load options.

MDA Workbench fits into an S/4HANA Data Migration Architecture.

MDA Workbench (red highlight) fits into an S/4HANA Data Migration Architecture.

  • Transfer Data (from Load-Ready Files or a database) to SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit Staging Tables with high performance (1 million rows in less than 1 minute).


  • Reads the data dictionary of the target SAP system. Enhanced IDocs and structures are not a problem.
  • Easily extracts tables of data from SAP system to a Microsoft Access database.
  • Produces beautiful mapping documents in Excel, including SAP help text for data elements.
  • Validates LSMW input files to ensure conformity with mapping, including checks against client-specific SAP master data and configuration.
  • Transfer Data to S/4HANA database (i.e. upload data to S/4HANA Migration Cockpit Staging Tables).
  • Transfer Data from S/4HANA database (i.e. download data from S/4HANA to a database or text files).


Access an amazingly rich library of example MDA Workbench data migration projects for most SAP Retail master data objects.

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