Database Browser

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A Database Browser Window can be opened by clicking the Database Browser icon on the External Data ribbon:

The Toolbar

The various toolbar buttons enable browsing database, transfer of data, and export of data.

The Work Area

Multiple Database Browser windows may be opened at the same time, and each appears as a tab along the top edge of the work area.

The work area is divided into subareas: LEFT and MAIN.

The relative size of each subarea may be changed simply by dragging the resize bars. The resize bar may be clicked to collapse (i.e. hide) a subarea entirely.

Left Area

In this area the database connection is selected from a drop-down list.  

After the database selection is made, the application connects to the database and presents a list of database Tables and Views in the Left Area.

Left clicking a Table or View will present the contents of that Table or View in the Main Area.

Main Area

This is the main data grid, which enables display and editing of data.