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The Fields ribbon group, like any Microsoft Office-styled application, is comprised of buttons.

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Element Refresh

Element Refresh updates a small number of properties in a mapping project.  It does not change the list of Active Segments and Active Fields, Validation Tests, or Comments. Use of Element Refresh should not disturb the basic definition of a mapping project.


Primary Keys

Use this menu item to open a form that enables maintaining the Primary Key fields for each Staging Database table for the active Mapping Project.

An IDoc is a structured document, like an XML document, and parent-child relationships (one-to-many relationships) between IDoc segments are defined by the IDoc structure and definition. In contrast, database Staging Tables require explicit definition of primary key fields. Every staging table must have Primary Key field(s) defined. The fields flagged as Primary Key indicate the one or more fields that uniquely identify a row in the database.

Because IDoc structure defines relationships, you'll find that some IDoc segments don't even include primary key fields. For example, E1KNB1M (Master Customer Master Company Code KNB1) does not include the field KUNNR (Customer Number). If our requirement is to support multiple company codes then E1KNB1M (Master Customer Master Company Code KNB1) would not be flagged as merged, thus permitting data for multiple company codes in a separate database Staging Table.

If E1KNB1M (Master Customer Master Company Code KNB1) is not merged and will create a separate Staging Table, then that staging table must include both KUNNR (Customer Number) and BUKRS (Company Code). To accomplish this, copy KUNNR (Customer Number) from segment E1KNA1M (Master customer master basic data KNA1) to segment E1KNB1M (Master Customer Master Company Code KNB1), inserting it just above BUKRS (Company Code).

Clicking the Primary Key button on the Toolbar opens a form that displays a tab for each Staging Table that will be created. You should visit each tab and designate the Primary Key field(s) for each Staging Table.

In the case of an IDoc, the structure of parent – child relationships can define a one-to-many relationship without including primary keys. In the case of relational database tables, primary keys are an absolute requirement.  Some IDocs include primary key fields in both the parent and child segments, and this is the simple case. But some IDocs do not include primary key fields in child segments (in a structured document, the key fields are implied by the structure) and in this case further attention is required.  

If the key field(s) do not exist in both the parent and the child segments, then you must copy key fields from the parent to the child segment so they will be available when defining Primary Key fields for each Staging Table.