Import from IDoc

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Import from IDoc

One of the greatest challenges in creating a data migration mapping project is unfamiliarity with the detailed usage of the IDoc. Which segments and fields are relevant for the desired result?  Answering that question through trial and error is one option, but it can be both time consuming and ultimately unreliable.

A better approach is to create example data in an SAP system using standard T-Codes and then send an outbound message for that data using ALE.  The result is an outbound IDoc, created by the SAP system, which is a very good example (or at least a starting point) for data migration efforts.

MDA Workbench supports this strategy, using Import from IDoc functionality as a time saving alternative to performing some steps in Create a Mapping Project. Import from IDoc functionality enables quickly and accurately creating parts of mapping project based on an example IDoc that has been exported from an SAP system.

By configuring ALE outbound it is  possible to create an outbound IDoc for example master data or transactional data created in an SAP system.  For most master data, ALE outbound can be configured for a given message type.  For some master data, use of change pointers may be required to initiate the outbound IDoc.  Lastly, for some transactional data, such as a Purchase Order, output conditions may be required.



Execution Overview - Import IDoc from SAP

Execution Overview - Import IDoc from File