License File

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License File

Use of MDA Workbench requires a License File, which can be downloaded using MDA Workbench after you obtain a License Key Number.

If a valid License File is not found when MDA Workbench starts then the License form is displayed. The License form may also be displayed at any time by choosing File and then License from the main menu.  

The License form displays the End User License Agreement and License File details, including the License File expiration date.  

To download a License File, enter your email address and license key number, then press the Submit button.  A unique license key number is required for each computer.  You may request a license key number by using the online License Key Request form.

When the Submit button is pressed, the license server is contacted via secure connection and a license file with an expiration date is downloaded and applied.

License Files have an expiration date. You may return to the License form as needed to refresh the License File. This will extend the License File expiration date as permitted by the license server.