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The Map ribbon group, like any Microsoft Office-styled application, is comprised of buttons.

Update Map

Clear Map

Import Segment

Imports into an active Map Project the segment definitions if an IDoc Basic Type, Enhanced IDoc, Table, View, or a Structure.  

When importing a View or Structure, the definitions of the underlying tables are determined and imported.

If you have a list of objects to import (e.g. a list of tables, views) and you want to extract data from ECC for those tables, then you need to create a mapping project and import the table definitions one at a time into the mapping project. After the list of table definitions are imported, then you can use Transfer from SAP to extract the data. But there's an easier way to create the mapping project with the list of tables … just like when you click the Tables Map button to create a mapping project based on the Value Tables in a mapping project :-)

Choose File and New Map to create a new and empty mapping project.

Create a list of table names in Excel or in a text editor such as Notepad; one table name per line.

For example:









Use Control + C to copy the list of table names to the Windows clipboard.

With an empty mapping project, click the Tables Map button and respond to the prompt.  If you click Yes then the list of table definitions will be imported.

Import IDoc