Transfer Data from Field-Mapping Workbook

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The Field-Mapping Workbook is a key functional deliverable of the Data Migration Process and is produced on demand during Publish.  

Functional consultants are responsible to produce and maintain the Field-Mapping Workbook, and thereby articulate SAP process and conversion program requirements. In an expectedly iterative process, the Field-Mapping Workbook for a given data migration object will evolve over time and be published as many times.

But mapping legacy data and development of transformation rules is necessarily a collaborative process, critically informed by those who best understand legacy data.  Therefore there is a technical process (a program feature) to transfer data from a Field-Mapping Workbook to a Mapping Project, completing the cycle.

A 5-minute demonstration video is available for this functionality.  Videos open in a new window and there may be a delay of several minutes before the video begins to play. As an alternative, right click the link, save the video to your hard drive, and play the video from your hard drive.

How it Works in Practice

Collaborative maintenance of mapping content over time is as much a business process (how will we do this) as a technical process (the actual transfer of data).  

MDA Workbench employs the most simple form of collaboration possible: an SAP functional consultant owns certain columns of the Field-Mapping Workbook and a Transformation resource owns certain other columns of the Field-Mapping Workbook.  The list of columns is agreed in advance.

For example, Transformation resource would typically own columns such as:

SAP functional consultant then owns all other columns in the Field-Mapping Workbook.

Based on this agreement, the list of columns owned by the Transformation resource is configured using Field Manager to maintain Field-Mapping Workbook configuration.  The columns owned by Transformation resource are marked with Behavior = Editable.

During the Transfer Data step, only the columns that are owned by the Transformation resource (Behavior = Editable) are transferred from a Field-Mapping Workbook to the Mapping Project, overwriting existing data in the Mapping Project for those field properties.


Execution Overview

Use the new buttons on the External Data ribbon tab.

The Process (Field-Mapping Workbook)

The Process (Mapping Project)