Transfer Data from Load-Ready Files

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MDA Workbench enables transfer of data from Load-Ready files to a Microsoft Access database, which is referred to as a Local System Database.


The currently selected Local System Database is shown as a tool tip when hovering the mouse pointer over the System Database - Choose button on the External Data ribbon tab.

Execution Overview

You'll primarily use the buttons on the External Data ribbon tab.

The Process

When the Transfer - Load-Ready button on the External Data ribbon tab is clicked, a transfer process with the following steps is executed:

Load-Ready files are then processed in order.  Each file is processed as follows:

Throughout the transfer process, a status Window and progress bar inform the user of the status and progress.

At the end of the process, a Window is displayed with the process execution details.  The process execution details (a grid) may be saved to an Excel workbook by right-clicking the grid.