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mido replica

Some watchmakers have already started to preview the new products that they will be launching in March. mido replica, among others, will present the Midnight Feathers Automatic Watch 42mm for men.

mido replica launched its Feathers Collection three years ago. It introduced the art and technique of plumasserie, or marquetry with feathers, on dials of ladies' timepieces. Ethically sourced feathers were painstakingly placed by a specialist to create an astonishing and unusual effect. Some motifs and colours were based on feathers and others specially colored. It's time to introduce the gentlemen.

mido replica Midnight Feathers Automatic comes in a rose gold 18-karat case measuring 42.5mm diameter by 9.1mm thick. Under the watch glass is a dial created from domestic goose feathers that have been dyed black and brown. The dial has then been assembled to form a vertically stripe pattern which matches the gold case. mido replica The feather tapestry is dominated by two slim rose gold minute and hour hands. The letters "mido replica", "Swiss Made" and "Swiss Made" are not on the dial, but are instead applied to the inside sapphire window.

Each remige (flight feather) is selected, shaped, and placed under a microscope to ensure maximum accuracy. The end result is stunning. The vibrant colors are reminiscent of amber-tinted cedar, bulrushes, and vetiver roots.

The rose gold case is also a perfect match with the brown alligator strap. The case features the timeless design of the brand - three arches that are a tribute the iconic doors at mido replica's Fifth Avenue Salon in New York.

The rear of the watch is transparent, revealing the fine finishes on the HW2008 mechanical caliber movement that drives the hours and minute functions with the highest precision.omega replica watches The mechanism is composed of 186 components, including the white gold rotor. The flawless automatic winding mechanism features the skeleton rotating weight, circular graining and parabolic Cotes De Geneve. mido replica is proud of its watchmaking heritage, and all these details reflect that.

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