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Three years ago the high-end watchmaking company HYT launched the first ever watch, featuring fluid dynamic and mechanical time indicators HYTH1. HYT has prepared a new innovative wristwatch for this year's Baselworld Watch Fair. It will change your perception of the Swiss independent watchmaker.

The ulysse nardin replica watch features a retrograde minute dial and a liquid linear indicator that shows the hours on a rotating cubical linear scale. With a brand new case, new movement,ulysse nardin replica and new ways to show time, the watch changes the perspective on HYT. One thing remains constant - the trademark yellowish-green fluid.

This newcomer displays the time as a straight-line instead of a circle. The retrograde portion of the movement is now bolded on a dial where hours and minutes have been completely separated. Transmission is completely new, considering that the two pistons have been arranged horizontally.

Two pistons drive fluids in the upper portion of the dial.Richard Mille Replica The left piston is responsible for driving the fluid progression and, therefore, the time display. The right piston compensates this progress in the capillary.

The time is displayed in six-hour intervals. The fluid position above the bar shows the exact time, while the minutes are shown linearly below. The exact minute is displayed by a double articulated arm on a 60 segment scale.

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